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Steam Greenlight :: Klabi

Welcome Kids and sweet-guzzlers! Let me introduce you Klabi, the sweet cat, who has a sweet tooth. This little rascal loves sweets and big, very big – no – HUGE SWEET CAKES!

This game is all about sweets as you might have realized and you can make Klabi’s sweet dream(s) come true. In this simple platformer, you play Klabi in his dream through levels of raining sugar, dropping calorie bombs and sticky sticks of rocks called candy sticks, meow!

Attention Kids! Klabi’s dream can turn into a sour nightmare before he reaches his goal to collect all the sweets to build his enormous pie. Because other little sweet-guzzlers appear and want to have a piece of the cake before Klabi even has all the ingredients.

Will you help Klabi to fullfil his dream, kids? If yes, please be so kind to vote for it to get this light green sugar here first. That would be so sweeeeet! Meow!

Steam greenlight page URL:

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Second Life :: SLife is Strange – Episode 1 (Pay to win ?) 1080p60 HD

Der Titel ist natürlich abgeleitet von dem Kultspiel “Life is Strange”, das ich übrigens super finde. In dieser Art Dokumentation über Second Life versuche ich euch folgendes näher zu bringen: Account erstellen, Avatar auswählen, Firestorm Viewer, AO (Animations Overwriter), Marketplace und ein paar meiner Outfits.

Je nachdem wie gut die ersten Episoden ankommen, werde ich spätestens nach der 5. Episode entscheiden (Life is Strange hat übrigens auch nur 5 Episoden :D), ob es ein zweiten Teil der Reihe geben wird oder nicht.

In der nächsten Ausgabe (#2) werden unter anderem folgende Themen vorkommen: Second Life 2.0, Pay to win? Antwort, weitere Kleidung und Aussehen (Skins), Shops und Clubs ► Direct Subscribe: http://bit.ly/meabonnieren

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Steam Greenlight :: ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident

ComixPlay is a 124 page digital Graphic novel, written by industry veterans, where the player controls the heroes in turn-based combat. Each time the Solar Defenders engage in a fight, you can dive in and play the battle (or continue reading and play later on). Each Solar Defender has its own superpowers and abilities, along with special interactions that are only possible between specific members of the group.

The greenlight page URL –

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From Blogger to Let’s Player – Torque goes YouTube (1080p60 HD) – german!

Many people asked me.. are all bloggers gone on GrabFreeGames.net ? I would say “maybe”. Because at the moment i am alone and without help. Currently my main hobbys are streaming/broadcasting on YouNow and Twitch. But now i am going to do some professional german Let’s Play videos from old Amiga games or cool Steam games. Read more to view my last “12 hours upload video” in 1080p60 HD quality. I hope you guys like it…

YouTube: Jörg Klopsch °^° Twitch: Torque1979 °^° YouNow: Jörg “Torque” Klopsch

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GrabFreeGames with Twitch and Youtube Channel! Come on and follow us ;)

Since a short time we are streaming some free and payed games on Twitch and Youtube. Like Second Life (F2P), Ultima Online (free on our Freeshard Vetus Mundus) and Life is Strange (payed Game on Steam). Twitch is deleting a few audio streams after the live content stops. So feel free and follow us here to listen our voices if we go live on air. If the stream is over and Twitch doesn’t delete automaticly the audio data from our broadcast, we are uploading it to Youtube here. Continue reading for more cool details and free games…

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¡GrabFreeGames ahora en Twitch y con canal de Youtube! Suscríbete y síguenos ;)

Desde hace poco hemos empezado a retransmitir algunos juegos, tanto gratuitos como de pago, en Twitch y Youtube. Como Second Life (F2P), Ultima Online (gratis en nuestro Freeshard Vetus Mundus) y Life is Strange (de pago en Steam). Twitch nos elimina el sonido de algunas retransmisiones tras el directo. No dudes en seguirnos aquí para escuchar las voces de nuestros encargados de retransmitir (alemán e inglés) en directo. Si acabamos la retransmisión y Twitch no nos elimina el sonido del vídeo lo subiremos además a nuestro canal de Youtube. Sigue leyendo para más información sobre cosas molonas y juegos gratis…

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