Steam Greenlight :: ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident

ComixPlay is a 124 page digital Graphic novel, written by industry veterans, where the player controls the heroes in turn-based combat. Each time the Solar Defenders engage in a fight, you can dive in and play the battle (or continue reading and play later on). Each Solar Defender has its own superpowers and abilities, along with special interactions that are only possible between specific members of the group.

The greenlight page URL –

The storyline:
2116 AD: A menace from beyond the stars threatens the entire solar system and only the new genetically enhanced team of heroes, the Solar Defenders, can save it.
That is — if they can conquer their self-doubt and stop jealously fighting amongst themselves. As they chase their powerful and implacable foe from distant Pluto to all the way back to Earth itself, it becomes clear that they can no longer be sure that the people around them are still human
– not even themselves!

Coming for PC and Mac – early 2016


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