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Steam Greenlight :: Galactineers

Hey guys,
today, I’d like to share with you one of the latest games at Steam Greenlight: Galactineers.

Steam Link:

Galactineers is a genre-mix of open-world-sandbox game located in space, and realtime-strategy game. Instead of an avatar with an inventory you take control over numerous ships. You use blocks, buildings, and items, to shape the world to your imaginations.

Core feature of the game is the ship designer in the factory building. Wether you need harversters, cargo- and construction ships, observers, or battle ships, you build everything in the ship designer. You use blocks and ship modules. You can choose from nearly 50 different block materials and hundreds of ship modules, to design your ships as you imagine them, regarding look and functionality.

Research, to build higher level buildings and ships, to unlock even more materials, engines, and weapons for your ships.

Explore space, to find ressources, pirates nests, extra-terrestrial stations, PVP arenas, such as PVE missions.
In the PVP arenas, you can face off with your friends and determine, who built the best battle ships. Bet for ship construction plans, or ressources.
In the PVE missions you can try to fullfil mission objectives in singleplayer, or cooperatively with up to 4 players. You can win precious materials, or unlock new modules for the ship designer.

The game is also highly customizable. You can create own texture packs, add recipes to the foundry, or use the Object Editor, to add your own stations and asteroids to the map. With the simple PHP programming API, you can easily script your own PVE missions.

Help us now to get this game greenlit. 🙂

Steam Greenlight :: Klabi

Welcome Kids and sweet-guzzlers! Let me introduce you Klabi, the sweet cat, who has a sweet tooth. This little rascal loves sweets and big, very big – no – HUGE SWEET CAKES!

This game is all about sweets as you might have realized and you can make Klabi’s sweet dream(s) come true. In this simple platformer, you play Klabi in his dream through levels of raining sugar, dropping calorie bombs and sticky sticks of rocks called candy sticks, meow!

Attention Kids! Klabi’s dream can turn into a sour nightmare before he reaches his goal to collect all the sweets to build his enormous pie. Because other little sweet-guzzlers appear and want to have a piece of the cake before Klabi even has all the ingredients.

Will you help Klabi to fullfil his dream, kids? If yes, please be so kind to vote for it to get this light green sugar here first. That would be so sweeeeet! Meow!

Steam greenlight page URL:

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Steam Greenlight :: ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident

ComixPlay is a 124 page digital Graphic novel, written by industry veterans, where the player controls the heroes in turn-based combat. Each time the Solar Defenders engage in a fight, you can dive in and play the battle (or continue reading and play later on). Each Solar Defender has its own superpowers and abilities, along with special interactions that are only possible between specific members of the group.

The greenlight page URL –

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Mad Snowboarding on Steam Greenlight

Mad Snowboarding was created to revive the split-screen gaming. No headset can give that good feeling of playing together with your friends in the same room! However, all those new games go for online multiplayer and the split-screen mode is dying. The game is inspired by the good old snowboarding titles like SSX, Coolboarders and 1080 Snowboarding (all of them had a split-screen mode).

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