Free Desura Game: Make it indie! (potential Steam Key)

Here you can grab (maybe) a free Desura Key for Make it indie!:


  1. Visit this Giveaway page
  2. Please login to enter. (press the green “Sign in through Steam” Button)
  3. Maybe you must be a member of their WGN Chat Steam Group to log in (we don’t know at the moment)
  4. Vote for the game on the Greenlight page if you like it.
  5. If you comment, say something creative (e.g. not “voted”).
  6. PLEASE NOTE: Limited to 1 entry per household. Keys are for personal use only and NOT to be used for trade, resale or unathorised giveaways.
  7. Then, click the button “Enter” below on the Giveaway page.

Info: Unfortunately, we can not guarantee that you will get a Desura or a Steam Key later (once greenlit), because the following message from WGN?!: “You’ll be sent a Desura key once we have enough entries. Keys will be distributed to your email and WGN game library once it’s avaialble. Steam keys will also be provided if the game gets greenlit.” – We got no Key until yet but it is worth a try 😉

About this game: This is an indie game about the making of an indie game (WHAT?!). Are you prepared for something crazy? Survive seven days as… an indie developer! It’s up to you to decide what to do: develop a new game or just have fun. Key features: – “Video”-gaming with more than 30 minutes of HD videos – Simple intuitive game play or lack thereof – Two unpredictable endings will catch you by surprise – Truly diverse music in OST (grunge, 8-bit, idm & experimental)

Make it indie! is also available on Desura but for 1,99€ (see below)


    1. Yeah we too… we are helping WGN?! with this post and the group announcements that they will reach enough entries to sent out the Desura keys. And if you guys all vote for “Make it indie!” on Steam Greenlight too… you can get a Steam Key (once greenlit). *quote WGN*

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