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Hello and Greetings to all of YOU! Here on we are searching free Games all over the Internet. Just bookmark this page and visit it again. We are a little group of Gamer. Savio “the Co-Editor”, Crissy “Freelancer”, Myrel “Social Media Manager”, Buntspecht “Moderator” and me Torque (the CEO and Founder of

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Hey, I’m Jörg, 43 years old, and hail from the neighborhood of Gießen, in Germany! I am also known as Torque on the Internet! When I was about 10 years old, my dad gave me an Amiga for Christmas. This computer changed my life enormously. From then on, my enthusiasm for computer games was awakened, it still captivates me to this day. If you want to know more about me, just visit my private Homepages!


Hola a todos! I’m Cristina or Crissy, 40 years old and from the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. I like to play computer games. Right now: The Elder Scrolls Online. My other hobbies are reading books, taking photos, going for a walk in nature and listening music. When I have the time and feel like it, I like to stream on Twitch.


Hey I am over 18, a very helpful Girl and a little Devil too. I love to play games of all genres. Some of my favourite games include Resident Evil, GTA Role Playing, Horror and Story games, by another 3D world. I am a creator of build and design and many more secret things. I love to be a cutter and often create my own things for twitch with Wondershare software. On Twitch you can find me under the name BambiBabyGirl.


Hello! I am 28 year old Freelancer. I have interests in accountancy and gaming. I like many genres of games like Role playing and First person shooters. I also like nature Photography. I hope u enjoy my words and hope to publish many interesting articles on the website.


Hi visitors! I am Brutus the dog of Buntspecht from Germany. Greetings to all of you! We don’t know much about him but we are sure Buntspecht is great.