Mad Snowboarding on Steam Greenlight

Mad Snowboarding was created to revive the split-screen gaming. No headset can give that good feeling of playing together with your friends in the same room! However, all those new games go for online multiplayer and the split-screen mode is dying. The game is inspired by the good old snowboarding titles like SSX, Coolboarders and 1080 Snowboarding (all of them had a split-screen mode).

If you like retro snowboarding games, then you need to take a look at Mad Snowboarding and give it a vote on Steam Greenlight

A great new feature in Mad Snowboarding is its easy to use built-in level editor. People all over the world have created far over 500 levels and shared them in the community level selection. New levels can be downloaded with just one click from within the game!

Furthermore, Mad Snowboarding supports virtual reality headsets. Currently a Google Cardboard version is available. Oculus Rift support will be added once Mad Snowboarding is released on Steam.

Mad Snowboarding’s origins are in mobile gaming. Therefore, huge graphic improvements can be expected if this game gets a greenlight. To get a better insight on the game take a look at Mad Snowboarding’s official trailer video:

For more information and to test the game you can visit our official website under the link above.