Worms Forts: Under Siege for FREE!

These Worms are coming to crash your castle! Enter the world of Worms’ Forts: Under Siege, now in full 3-D! You can defend yourself from atop your mighty castles or unleash your wrath on your opponents. Crush or be crushed in the classic Worms style!

How to get Worms Forts for free:

  1. Visit this site
  2. Press on ”Get It Here”
  3. Login with your Account (if not, register)
  4. Once you’re logged in, go to Account, then Games
  5. Click the game under ”Game Downloads” and download it
  6. Install and Enjoy!

If you own an Elderscrolls Online account you can win up to 1.000.000 US Dollar here:
#ESO #MillionReasonsToPlay Giveaway: WIN $1,000,000* (USD)

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