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Since a short time we are streaming some free and payed games on Twitch and Youtube. Like Second Life (F2P), Ultima Online (free on our Freeshard Vetus Mundus) and Life is Strange (payed Game on Steam). Twitch is deleting a few audio streams after the live content stops. So feel free and follow us here to listen our voices if we go live on air. If the stream is over and Twitch doesn’t delete automaticly the audio data from our broadcast, we are uploading it to Youtube here. Continue reading for more cool details and free games…

Maybe i write an article about the game Ultima Online too in the next days. But not about the normal game – just the game as free version on the Freeshard Vetus Mundus. How to download and install the client and connect to the server. Stay tuned… because it’s one of the first MMORPGs and really oldschool (see our Twitch Highlight below).


Watch live video from Torque1979 on Twitch




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