We admit defeat – Steam boycott and free game

Rather than pay this page respectful, Steam closes for the second time the groups from “Free Games, Coupons etc.” our flagships what the visitors was concerned. With more than 68 thousand followers over 5,000 unique page views daily. It was breathtaking and we could not believe it. To date, there is no clear statement of Steam, why the group and the 11 most followed curator page was simply closed. After about 14 days, Steam support requests, I admit defeat now and i don’t like to support Steam in future.

If you want the page to be continued … so we needed a financial sponsor or volunteer help with text and images. It would also be great if each of these who liked this website… writes a short support request to Valve. For example, directly to Gabe Newell (Valve and Steam founder) or others via this form: http://valvesoftware.com/email.php

Simply write that you would like that the group “Free Games, Coupons etc.” (FGACO) should be reactivated. But I have after so long lost faith. Poor Steam 🙁

Thank you guys for the all the submited news about the new free game: Commando Jack on Indiegala. But i don’t want to put time into this site because Steam is so nasty. Here is the nicest and detailed email about the freebie:

All you have to do is going to https://www.indiegala.com/monday (it’s the “monday bundle tab!”) and scroll down to the middle of the page where it says ” GRAB A COMMANDO JACK FREE STEAM KEY NOW!”. There you just type in your E-Mail address and click on redeem. After answering the Captcha click on submit and wait for the email. It usually only takes you a few minutes till you get that Mail, where you click on the link, then go to “bundles library” and then on indiegala giveaways,where you can get your code by clicking on the STEAM button.

P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, but i comes from germany and over 90% of our visitors and followers don’t understand this language. So i decided to write all articles with my broken english. Would be nice to read a few nice words from you about this hard decision from me. Immediately after sending the news my internet broke down completely. An omen?


  1. Sent an email to valve. The page didn’t deserve to be deleted, honestly. It’s not like you’re distributing illegally obtained games.

  2. Hey, thanks for saying my E-Mail was the nicest xD

    And of course a sup ticket was sent to the steam support…
    Don’t give up!


  3. Sad to see the site go. I found it quite a useful reminder/source for when places were giving away games.

    I will say, however, that I am categorically against devs buying votes off Greenlight in exchange for game keys.
    And I don’t like to see groups that participate/endorse such behavior.

    I imagine that is also the problem Valve had with your group.
    If it was just things like Humble Bundle/Indie Gala , etc, I doubt they would care.

    So in that sense, even though I know you meant your best; I’m kinda glad that the group was closed.
    Maybe you could get it reinstated without the Greenlight angle, but then again,
    I’m sure that was your biggest draw, so I’m not sure you would care to.

    But for what it’s worth, I checked this site all the time, and it was never for things from Greenlight.
    Best wishes.

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