Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf + 2 Steam DLCs for FREE !!!

The game tells the story of Walden, an old hunter who lives alone in the woods. Recently, Walden began to be haunted by a mysterious creature that destroyed the village located near his cabin, killing every person residing on the premises. Now, Walden wants revenge.

FREE PC GAME: Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf !!! This game usually costs 0,49 euros on Steam, but you can get it for FREE !!! Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have trading cards 🙁 But don’t forget to grab the free downloadable content (DLC) > Overcast – Walden and the Werewolf – Soundtrack after redeeming your key from below.

Steps on how to get it:

  1. Visit this Giveaway page
  2. Follow the instructions on their site
  3. Check your Screen and Mail for the Game
  4. Go to Steam and activate the Key
  5. Install and Enjoy!

Here is the second free DLC for today: Install the game The Secret of Tremendous Corporation and add the DLC The Sources of Tremendous Corporation. Your Game will be added in your library. You also will get +1 Game Count too.

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