New Free-To-Play Game, DLCs and more Games for free (once greenlit)

A new Free-To-Play game was released on Steam yesterday. It is called The Way of Life. You can grab it for free if you click on install and it’s in your Steam Accountdetails for ever.

About the game: This exploration game has 3 main characters: a business man, an old man and a child.

They find themselves on a road which is apparently the same, but changes upon their perception of reality. The core of the gameplay is to explore in order to see how different is each point of view. The player will switch from one character to another trying to correctly and fully interact with all the environment. Missing an interaction or trying to interact with the wrong elements will determine “loss” in the game, causing the game to restart from the beginning.

I posted already on Nov 19, 14 about the new Free-To-Play Game Everlasting Summer on (the site before And for this F2P Game the publisher released a free DLC yesterday called: “One pioneer’s story“. Just click on install to grab it in your Steam Accountdetails for ever. (This content requires the base game Everlasting Summer on Steam in order to play. But no problem it’s free too)

And here are some more games for free. Just visit the sites below (Login with your Steam Account) and following the following steps below. Site is currently under heavy load – Please be patient! Info for you: Who’s Gaming Now?! is very truthfully. I got a few steam keys from them already.

FREE Game – Into The War – everyone will get a 3 pack once greenlit!

FREE Game – Temper Tantrum

FREE Game – Project Explore*

FREE Game – Night Crisis Project*

* Update: “Whoops! View not found.” I hope the both giveaways come back online again. They are listed on their Official Giveaways site and in all their group announcements. I saw Night Crisis Project is greenlit now, maybe the giveaway is over 🙁

Steps to get the keys once greenlit:

  1. Vote for the games on their Greenlight Pages if you like it.
    If you comment, say something creative (e.g. not “voted”).
  2. PLEASE NOTE: Limited to 1 entry per household. Keys are for personal use only and NOT to be used for trade, resale or unauthorised giveaways.

The following DLCs are free too and you get them directly after following the steps on their site:

FREE DLC – McDroid (only good if you own the base game already)

FREE DLC – The Land of Eyas (only good if you own the base game already)

On Who’s Gaming Now?! are more games with greenlight promotions but the keys are only for winners (up to 2000 copies)

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