Life is Strange – Before the Storm (Steam Key Giveaway)

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a new three part standalone story adventure set three years before the events of the first game. This time play as Chloe Price, a rebel who forms an unlikely friendship with Rachel Amber in a dramatic new story in the BAFTA award winning franchise. Release Date: 31 Aug, 2017

Life is Strange 2


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  1. Viktor Ryzkov  August 13, 2017

    спасибо за поддавки (Thanks for giveaway)

  2. Eddi blackshadow  August 13, 2017

    awesome ty

  3. AssessedRacer94  August 13, 2017


  4. VovanVV1982  August 13, 2017


  5. Wiedzmin Geralt  August 13, 2017

    Thank you for a chance!

  6. n0f4c3  August 13, 2017

    Thank you for a chance!

  7. Kapy Hernandez Claro  August 13, 2017

    God done

  8. danalyze1  August 14, 2017


  9. Tony  August 14, 2017

    Ty for this giveaway, looks like a great game! 😀

  10. Venom  August 15, 2017

    Thanks for the chance of entering, good luck everyone!

  11. Max Hahmann  August 16, 2017

    Hope I win 🙂

  12. Salman Saheb  August 16, 2017

    Thank you very much. Wish to win this to continue the story as only have Season-1, which is free

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