It’s Twitch Stream Giveaway time again! (today 10.12.2015 @ 3 pm GMT +1)

I’m so happy and excited… 5 days left and i get my faster Highspeed-Internet connection with up to 40.000 MBit/s Upload. I am celebrating this upcoming event/date with my followers on Twitch ! So if you aren’t a Twitch follower of my channel, hurry up and click the blue button here. Make it greenlit 😉

Also it would be nice to get a few more subscribers on Youtube, because my Streams and Youtube Videos will get much better quality and this in only a few days. Here you can support me for free, just with one click.

I will Giveaway everyday a few free Steam games over a raffle from Moobot on my Twitch stream chat ! Yesterday i made 10 raffles with different winners and different prices. Only if today @ 3 pm (GMT +1) more then 10 viewers are online, followed and watch my stream without beeing afk, so my nice mod “Bonzaibier” will start the raffles. Come on and win much free Steam Keys. Let’s get ready to rumble. Let the games begin… 3.2.1. Go!

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This was the last Twitch Stream Giveaway from yesterday. WTF !? What a chaos 😉
Because my slow internet connection at the moment, the video could be watched only within 3 hours.


Über den Autor:

Hey friends. I am Torque and i am the admin of this page. I stream daily on and post on Greetings from Germany!


  1. Torque  Dezember 10, 2015

    I will giveaway 5x 20,- Dollar coupons for Shroud of the Avatar (store credit) and in the end a 41,99 Euro Steam Key for SotA. Hope we all see us in 9 hours at 3pm (GMT +1) on this stream here: – only followers can win the raffles!

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