Get up to 3 FREE Steam Keys/DLCs for My Lands (48 $)

This is the greatest giveaway ever! 3 cool DLC keys at once with worth $48 in total. Want them?
No problem, we hand out hundreds here.

First get free premium key ($20) , install My Lands (it’s f2p) and play a bit and post here your city name and server name where you play.

Simply do the folllowing:

  1. Sign up for My Lands here: My Lands: Black Gem Hunting on Steam
  2. Play a bit and and give your city a name in-game.
  3. Submit the name into comments of this announcement.

Congratulations! You get the Key of Premium account, you can find more details on this premium in store:


Want +2 DLC keys more? No problem, you will get them easily, just play a bit further.

Reach the very first in-game achievement 5 level castle and as you done post phrase ‘reached 5lvl’ into comments below. Then you get +2 DLC more ($2 in total worth):

Hero Courage – Starter DLC Pack ($19) for faster gameplay, here it is on Steam:

Miner’s Luck ($9) for more in-game resources:

We have plenty of keys for you and your friends, so please share this giveaway.


      1. reached 5lvl

        I wrote a comment in the announcement few days ago, but havent recieved any extra dlc yet =)

        Just making you aware, i will ofcourse write back when i hear something. 😉

    1. Or your Steam Level is to low and you don’t have bought anything in steam store. So noob accounts can’t post comments in groups or announcements!

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