Free Steam Game: Orborun !!!

Orborun is a 3D action skill run & roll game! Control your Orbot, avoid the obstacles and escape the hazardous Orbo-world. More than 100 levels, local co-op multiplayer, feeling of speed and twisted levels in haste/puzzle and hazard shaped different worlds makes this game fun to play for ages!

FREE PC Game:¬†Orborun !!! It costs on Steam 5,99 euros,but you can get it for FREE!!! Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have any trading cards ūüôĀ Also, Torque’s on one of favourite games, Lucius, is on sale on Indiegala if you spend at least 2 dollars or euros in IndieGala store.

Steps on how to get Orborun for free:

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your email
  3. Join Indiegala Steam Group
  4. Verify Captcha
  5. Hit Submit Button

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