FREE PC Game: Blue Tear !!!

Jessica Loraine was a typical twenty year old when she inherited an old abandoned estate. By then the house had been vacant for many centuries, and rumors swirled that an ancient curse dwelt inside. Conquering her fears, Jessica and her friends set out to face the adventure head-on. However, as soon as the group crossed the threshold, the dormant evil inside the estate awakened!

Free PC Game Blue Tear !!! This game is Non-Steam but you can afford it on Big Fish for 2,99 $ (normal price without 70% Sale: 9,99 $). Since this game is Non-Steam, it doesn’t have trading cards šŸ™ Thx to “kindlich” for submit the free game today ! If you find a freebie you can do this here too (Link is also in the blue headline).

Steps on how to get Blue Tear:

  1. Click here
  2. Then click on proceed to download page
  3. Then click the button download now
  4. Wait to download
  5. Then unzip the archive and go into installer
  6. Install the game
  7. Have fun šŸ™‚

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