Free Alpha Steam Key for TOTM [Expired]

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TOTM – Alpha Key Giveaway (Steam)

enter your name and e-mail and comment „Alpha Test”.

TOTM requires a DirectX11 compatible graphics card as well as 64bit Windows 7 or 8. An XBox controller is optional. Please note that the number of test keys will be limited. (First come, first served. If you’re not one of the first 500, you may get in at a later date though)

Teach your enemies the laws of nature!

TOTM is a multiplayer action game with realtime strategy influences… about animals fighting with magic. Kill creeps and opponents, gain power, grab items. Be one step ahead of your enemies and choose the right combination of spells. You fight about strategic points on a large outdoor map. It’s quite simple really, and fun to play.

TOTM is something like a combat-oriented, single-unit strategy-game. In addition to standard RPG spells and items (things like healing, ranged and melee damage, summons, auras, etc.), TOTM features slightly more complex attack and defense mechanisms that require some timing and reflexes. Some of the more advanced spells and items create their own “mini games” within the game.

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