Dune Dynasty – Classic Dune. Modern Controls.

Dune Dynasty is a continuation of the classic real-time strategy game Dune II by Westwood Studios. It is not a remake. It builds upon the original game engine as reverse-engineered by the OpenDUNE project.

Dune Dynasty is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0. For more information, see the COPYING file included with every release and source download of the game.

You own the game files of Dune II – The Battle for Arrakis (also called Dune 2 – The Building of a Dynasty) ? So you can use this FREE build-up files to play the classic second part of Dune with modern controls. It’s very cool guys, i downloaded it, virus checked it and installed it. Easy going!

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Here you can see my last Let’s Play [German/Deutsch] about Dune 2 from yesterday – but with old DOSBox graphics ! Above i wrote that i downloaded the Dune Dynasty package from SourceForge.net (Download Link and more just click on “Continue Reading”) I am a big fan of the movie Dune – The Desert Planet and i own the Perfect Collection leather case with all kinds of movies on DVD. So don’t call me Torque anymore… call me Muad’Dib 😉 I played it with the new graphic pack up to this level also and i will go on with Dune Dynasty in english, modern controls and better graphics after this last original Let’s Play on my Youtube channel. I updated the post below after the “Read more” tag with a new Youtube clip. There you can see the difference between old and new graphics. And the best of all, you can play it for free browser based in two versions.

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You will need the *.PAK data files from the EU v1.07 release of Dune II. Place them into one of the following places:

  • In a directory named data next to the dunedynasty executable. This is the simplest option.

Once the data files are in place, you may start the game by running dunedynasty.exe or dunedynasty.

Source: http://dunedynasty.sourceforge.net/
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dunedynasty/
There is written Version: win32.1.5.7 but it works with Windows 10 Home 64-bit too!)

Free Browser Version 1: Also you can play it browser based with the classic graphics on the Internet Archive (Archive.org). I can watch the intro, without being able to skip it. And then nothing… But once you watch the intro, move the mouse and instead of CLICKING the MOUSE hit the SPACE BAR on your keyboard. That allowed me to play the game. Have fun!

Free Browser Version 2: Dune II might not be as fluid as modern RTSes like StarCraft II, but it was a fun little title back in the day, and fans will dig the trip down memory lane. Play the game on your browser here.

Update: Here is my newest Let’s play Video from today with the new graphics from above (Dune Dynasty). Look the difference between the video above. Please help me to grow with a free youtube subscription here. It’s just a click for you, but a great thanks for me ! 🙂

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