Free Steam Game: DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition

DISTRAINT is a 2D psychological horror adventure game for PC. In order to secure a partnership in a famous company, Price seizes the property of an elderly woman. In that very moment, he finds out the price of his humanity.

To celebrate for the upcoming Release of DISTRANT 2, the dev gonna share DISTRANT: Deluxe Edition to all of you for free!

For a limited time, you can add DISTRANT: Deluxe Editon easily to your game library. As soon as you did it, it’s yours forever even without other requirements. He is doing this for more attention and hope to win new players for that upcoming DISTRANT 2, which will be released on November 13th, just in a few days!

Steps on how to get DISTRAINT 1 for free:

  1. Visit this Website
  2. Click “Install Game”
  3. Complete the steps
  4. Install and Enjoy!

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