Closed Beta Key : Might & Magic Heroes VII

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Might & Magic Heroes VII (commonly shortened to MMH7) is an upcoming turn-based strategy game in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Like the other games in the series, players control leaders with magical abilities termed as “heroes,” who recruit a variety of forces from strongholds. The heroes and their armies battle the opponents, who also use heroes to lead their forces. It features a campaign series of levels, standalone and multiplayer scenarios.

The Closed Beta 2 will include:

  • 4 playable factions: Haven, Academy from Closed Beta 1, plus 2 fan voted factions, Dungeon & Sylvan.
  • Solo mode (Skirmish: Player vs IA) and Multiplayer mode (Skirmish: Players vs IA, Hot Seat, Sim Turn, LAN).
  • 4 different maps

How to get it: 

  1. Click Here
  2. Get Your Key
  3. Click Here
  4. Click on “Enter Your Beta Key” and Paste your key
  5. Follow Your Email

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