Bad Juju – Desura parent company goes bankrupt after failing to pay developers

No long time after Linden Lab (Second Life creators) sold their gaming download platform Desura to Bad Juju (late last year), they went bankrupt after failing to pay developers. For many of you these words are old, but not for me! Maybe someone of you doesn’t know it too – Bad Juju has filed for bankruptcy.

Should additional turmoil happen to the Desura store, or to Indie Royale; the earnings expected by content creators and providers will most certainly be compromised. And unfortunately quite recently adding insult to Injury, Desura announced on May, Wednesday the 27th, that “Desura is not going out of business, we are not in financial crisis.”; while at the same time promising “Manual developer payments [to be] resuming” and getting “automation in place” regarding the aforementioned payments.

A large number of content developers and providers have shown growing apprehension regarding the lack of both automated payments and minimum income of $500 promised by the platform. To address those concerns, as announced in their post from the 27th of May, Desura has decreased the minimum income by half, and has switched to issuing payments manually.

Source: Desura and Gamasutra

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