2400 very good MS-DOS Games for free!

The Internet Archive has once again strike back. It was only in November 2014 they had released 900 console classics to play on the net. Now they makes 2400 games from the MS-DOS era for free. You are a oldschool gamer and like Amiga and MS-DOS games? Now you can play 2400 games for free in your browser. Many of them are still being sold on GOG.com !

My favourite ones are Dune (1992 by Cryo Interactive Entertainment), Dune 2 – The Building of a Dynasty, Indiana Jones and The Last CrusadeLemmings 2 – The Tribes etc. Much games could be downloaded as .zip File and played with a DOS-Emulator like DOS-Box on your PC without a browser and Internetconnection. 5 million people, it has been cast upon the side due to the consoles classic, now it is clear that there will be even more.

Here you can find the big collection: Software Library: MS-DOS Games

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