100.000 Steam Keys for Brilliant Bob from “Grab The Games” + FREE rare Steam Badge!

Revel in a brilliant story, fast-paced puzzles and thrillingly designed levels in reportedly the first adventure of the action adventure platformer saga about Bob, a truly brilliant fellow from Sekotwana!

Featuring 50 levels in 2 astonishing worlds, in-game achievements for you to get and 10 unique skins for our hero – Bob. It allows you to change the camera angle so you can view Bob and his surroundings from any perspective you want to or have to in a specific level or situation. 8 different thematic enemies through the first and the second world, hazards, shooting cannons and a whole bunch of puzzles and skill-demanding level traps. Are you brave enough to join Bob and help him in his quest of justice? Are you ready to become a part of his brilliance?

Steps how to get this game for free:

  1. Go to this website
  2. Follow the instructions to complete the Giveaway
  3. Check your Screen for the Code
  4. Go to Steam and activate the Key
  5. How Do I Use My New Steam Keys?
  6. Install and Enjoy!

And here is a little bonus for you ::: Free rare Steam badge “Red Herring – ARG?” !

Log into Steam using browser. Works with Google Chrome

Red Herring ARG?
  • Type in the search box: Ikaruga
  • Type “search” (without ” “) in the “search the store” box
  • The javascript box pop-up windows will appear
  • Type 1v7531 in the input field
  • Enjoy your free EXP and rare Badge!


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