Free Steam Beta Keys for: Interloper

Here you can see where and how to grab a free Steam Beta Key for Interloper !


  1. Visit the official game site of Interloper
  2. Subscribe to open beta (Until February 1st)
  3. Fill in your e-Mail address and click on “>”
  4. Please Confirm Subscription (e-Mail)
  5. The e-Mail with the Key will sent within 1 hour !

About the Game: Interloper is a real-time strategy game with matches that only take 5 minutes. The result is an intense, fast-paced, micro-focused experience with surprising strategic depth. The world of Interloper is divided in 3 war-hungry tribes that battle for control of a newly discovered world. You fight by claiming domain for your tribe of allegiance in maze-like battlegrounds designed with spatial tactics in mind. The units and structures at your disposal were created to deliver ample opportunity for spatial reasoning and strategic advantage, allowing players to grow indefinitely.

The game pits you against competitive online players or a clever AI of varying difficulty. Furthermore the game houses an extensive campaign and a collection of challenge levels to boost your skills and explore the full depth of Interloper.


    1. The Interloper Key i think you get in a few hours (if they have keys on stock). I got my one yesterday without problems within 1 hour! The SNOW Key i think can took a bit time. Maybe a month or so… they have time until 28th march. 😀

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